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The new KS3 curriculum

Classroom Talk Toolkit

I spent 7 years working on my PhD about classroom talk. I have pulled together the key messages from it (and from a twenty-year obsession with this aspect of language teaching!) into a classroom toolkit. The toolkit contains video of classroom practice, and commentary, together with classroom resources and planning tools, and should be useful for all secondary languages teachers. I say a bit more about it in this video.

You can hear more about this toolkit on Youtube.

Or contact Trevor Stevens at trevor.stevens@pearson.com who will be happy to explain the aims and content of the workshops.

Translation and Literary texts toolkits

I have also developed toolkits for two further aspects of the new KS3 curriculum, Translation and Use of literary texts.

Find out more about the translation work here and the literary texts one here.

All of these toolkits will be available to buy from Pearson soon.


Rachel HawkesAbout this site

I am Assistant Principal at Comberton Village College, a comprehensive 11-18 academy in Cambridgeshire, where I have worked since 1999.

This website contains resources, ideas and strategies for promoting, teaching and learning languages. It is hoped that they will support Heads of Languages and teachers of Spanish, German and French.

The motivation for this site is the belief that the best ideas and resources are developed in collaboration, in an ongoing cycle of invention, development, experiment and reflection. Languages teachers are among the very best at learning from and building on each others’ practice and I am indebted to everyone who has ever talked about language teaching with me.

The fantastic languages team in which I work has been very influential and some of their work appears here.

All my resources will appear here on this site.

Early in 2012 at the University of Cambridge I completed my PhD, entitled "Learning to talk and talking to learn: how spontaneous teacher-learner interaction in the secondary foreign languages classroom provides greater opportunities for L2 learning." You can download the full PhD thesis here (not for the faint-hearted!). In due course I will produce edited chapters that will be eminently more readable.

This website will be updated periodically.

Unless otherwise acknowledged, copyright rests with Rachel Hawkes, © 2014.